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Research Trip: London & Bristol, August 2007

It’s fairly difficult to do primary research on anglophone Africa if you live in France. There are some resources in libraries such as the Bibliothèque des langues orientales, the Bibliothèque de documenation internationale contemporaine (at Nanterre) and the Bibliothèque publique d’information (in the Centre Pompidou), but more obscure sources are often difficult to find. For this reason (among others, of course), I try to get over to the UK as often as I can.
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Bazarrabusa’s death: accident or assassination?

It might seem odd to start this blog with a post on Bazarrabusa’s death. However, a recent e-mail from an American academic reminded me that this issue has provoked some speculation.
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Why BazBlog?

The genesis of Bazarrabusa: A Ugandan Life

A few years ago, in the chaotic attic of a long-neglected family house in England, I discovered several books by my maternal grandfather Timothy Bazarrabusa. Alongside these novels in a language I couldn’t decipher there were some old photos, a couple of photocopied documents, and a tiny page of notes in my father’s handwriting. Over the following years, I began to investigate these fragmentary leads as a diversion from my research in French colonial history. What started as a casual interest in a long-departed forebear has now become a viable research undertaking, and a vehicle for inquiry into the possibilities of digital scholarship.
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